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    FOREX trading strategies FREE

    FOREX trading strategies FREE
    Published: Saturday, 17 June 2017 15:33

    free forex trading strategies
    eur usd trading strategies
    GBP USD trading strategies
    forex trading strategies from gold pattern signals
    price patterns are important than technical indicators
    the sell / buy order baiscally depend on price pattern

    the most important price pattern to trade forex
    1. Flags & Pennants Riding Wave C in a Zigzag
    2. Measured Move Riding Wave C in a Zigzag
    3. Triangle How a Triangle Positions You for the Next Move
    4. Wedge Formation Using Ending Diagonals to Trade Swift and Sharp Reversals
    5. Zigzags How Zigzags Set Up a Trade for the Next Impulse Wave
    6. Flats How Flats Set Up a Trade for the Next Impulse Wave
    7. Head & Shoulders
    8. Double top
    9. triple top
    10. Rectangle
    11. Trendline break out+ valid third touch

    12. Determine the trend degree WAVES Equal
    13. Buy / sell at break top or bottom only Wedge use break trendline
    WAVES Equal
    when you are in doubt stay out
    Fibonacci retracement
    support and resistance


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